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Eyebrows Gone Wrong! Microblading Fails

These eyebrows aren’t exactly on fleek…

Although microblading has been around for a number of years, it has become increasingly popular in recent times. Microblading has always been been a dream of mine, but how do you find someone who will give you hair stroke brows that look natural?

I have eyebrows but I also have blonde hair, naturally fairer eyebrows and as I get a little older the grey is starting to come through. I’m also one of those women who unfortunately wasn’t blessed with great natural eyebrows.

Over the years I have spent countless amounts of money at the salon having my eyebrows tinted. Follow that up with constantly buying the latest eyebrow pencils, pens and last all day make up when I can’t get to the salon until that 6 week mark. Too many times have I gone to the bathroom and looked in the mirror to find eyebrow pencil halfway up my forehead where I’ve accidentally touched my face in the wrong spot. True story.

Needless to say, having perfectly manicured eyebrows day in day out is very appealing to me. I find myself paying much closer attention to other peoples eyebrows. Some are stunning, others, less so. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s going to take a lot of research to find the right person for microblading eyebrows. There’s also the issue of permanency vs semi-permanency, microblading risks and how long microblading lasts.

Natural looking eyebrow makeup is a dream come true. There is a microblading process. Ensure your technician has had professional microblading training and ask to see examples of their work before you book.

What to Expect After Microblading

Does microblading eyebrows hurt? Yes. Microblading is a semi permanent procedure and should be fully considered before booking in. Microblading is not something you can just pop into any beauty salon and quickly have done.

There is a healing process your eyebrows will need to go through after microblading. For the first couple of weeks after microblading it is essential you take good care of your eyebrows. Some skin may peel. There is always a risk of infection or scarring with a procedure such as microblading.

Check out this poor lady below and the awful reaction she had. I don’t think this was the microblading results she was looking for:

Bad Microblading Eyebrows

Book a consultation with your microblading expert and ask to see microblading results from work they’ve done in the past. Talk about experience and ask as many questions as you can. Get them to draw with a pencil on your face how your eyebrows would be shaped and what they would look like after microblading.

If the microblading salon uses a stencil or a template – politely leave as fast as you can. One size does not fit all when it comes to eyebrows. You want to achieve natural looking microblading.


Cheap Microblading

Whilst we’re all concerned about the cost, and don’t want to overpay for microblading, be careful of anyone offering cheap microblading services. This is one area of your body you can’t really hide. If you find the cheapest microblading quote and they can also show you real life examples of their work and you trust they will do a good job, consider it. Experience normally shows however, you get what you pay for.

Keep in mind also that a good microblading technician will usually have a waitlist. If you phone the salon and they can fit you in today, alarm bells should be ringing.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading injects pigments into your skin, however they do fade over time. Generally you will need to have microblading touch up ever two years or so.

Be Warned: Bad Eyebrow Jobs Happen. These are eyebrow looks you DON’T want!