The amazing health benefits of aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is used very often without knowing you, curative properties. Ever since Aluminum was invented, the versatility of this metal progressed to widespread usage in almost every sphere of life. Its nothing new to you as Aluminum now is a common enough item which you may be using in several ways at home. It seems incredible, but the Russians and Chinese experts have found after years of use aluminum foil and another possibility to be used, namely to alleviate pain in various body parts. Show More

The trick is not difficult to apply.

The method was inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, then studied by Russian scientists. It is enough to cover the painful area with aluminum foil to make the pain go away.

Aluminum foil is an effective anti-inflammatory. Place the foil around the area where the pain is felt, then secure it with a bandage. This can be applied if the pain persists in the elbow, back, arms, legs and joints. On the other hand, paper and aluminum is suitable for release in the body cold. Wrap your feet with 5 or 7 pieces of aluminum foil, folded cotton cloth after each layer of foil. Keep these films for an hour. Then, baring legs and repeat after 2 hours. You will need to repeat the treatment three times in a row. Too few hours of sleep or a stressful day at work leaves you feeling that you are completely exhausted and still have plenty of things to do at home.

Also, aluminum foil can help you feel energized. Break a few thin strips of foil and put them in the freezer. After 2-3 hours, place them on the cheeks and eyelids. You will immediately feel how the muscles relax. Once you feel a sense of calm, remove the bands and see what you feel awake.

The amazing health benefits of aluminum foil

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