The Cookie Diet


The Cookie Diet, created by Stanford Siegal, MD, in 1975, is a low-calorie diet designed to help people lose weight while eating specially prepared cookies.

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Best Homemade Acne Remedies


Acne is one of those issues millions of people deal with at various stages of their life. Some have to deal with this predicament on a regular basis, and it can lead to frustrating nights trying to figure things out. Those who are in this position need to understand the value of putting together a plan.

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All The Benefits Making The Ladies To Squeeze Mustard In The Bathtub


Mustard is extremely beneficial plant because it can treat and prevent numerous health conditions like the following ones: relief from muscular pains, psoriasis, ringworm, contact dermatitis and respiratory disorders. In the past, people have been using different parts of this plant to treat diabetes, cancer and to detoxify the body. Moreover, mustard has poison repelling qualities, exerts therapeutic effects on ...

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Blood Cleansing with a Russian Recipe


Health experts recommend this recipe for cleaning the blood and circulatory problems. It is very easy to do and you only need sunflower seeds and water. Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins B1 and E. Besides that helps your circulatory system, has a lot of benefices for the whole body – hair, eyes, liver, bone and ...

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How Coconut Oil Can Help You Heal Your Thyroid


Coconut oil has become something of a saint in the health and alternative healing community. If you’re feeling tired and sluggish most of the time, if you’re suffering from hair loss, brittle nails, infections, body aches, constipation, depression, brain fog and what appears to be an uncontrollable weight gain, it’s highly likely your thyroid is the problem. This endocrine gland ...

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