Homemade Herbal Shampoo to Get Rid of Oily Hair


If you are familiar with the scenario when you wash your hair at night and the next day it looks like you did not wash it since ages, having an oily look, it means you are having a hard time because of the greasy hair. All our skin pores have sebaceous glands, including the scalp.

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Simple remedy to eliminate pain in joints


Joint pain is a characteristic of old people, however the young ones are not absolved from this condition, due to various causes. Generally, it appears as a consequence of rheumatism, arthritis or even trauma. Rheumatism is a health issue that causes pain and is manifested through a swelling at the level of different parts of your body such as muscles, ...

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Home Remedies for Gum Disease


Gingivitis, usually known as gum disease, is a dental issue characterized by symptoms like constant bad breath, red or swollen gums and very sensitive, sore gums that may bleed. If left untreated, it can advance to periodontitis and become a very serious issue.

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How to get white underarms using baking soda


You might have heard that baking soda is the answer to a number of problems, from whitening your teeth, to cleaning the household. Another use for this great product has yet been found: it lightens your dark underarms. Perhaps you haven’t thought that your skin can be turned into a lighter color, but there is actually more than one way ...

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Use coconut oil for hair


Coconut oil has multiple benefits and is used over the world for more than one purpose. What you have below is a great method of using coconut oil as hair conditioner. It is an amazing remedy against dandruff, damaged and dry hair. Here’s how:

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Mask from clay and spirulina


Clay is widely used in cosmetic treatments as well as in soaps, creams, scrubs. Its properties cleanse the skin and detoxify your body, helping it regenerate. Spirulina is another multipurpose ingredient being used both externally and internally. It is crammed with large amounts of proteins, minerals and vitamins that help your body regain its vitality. Here you have a face ...

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Apple Cider Vinegar Drink for Weight Loss


Due to heavy deadlines at work and stress, we generally depend on the intake of junk foods and make ourselves to gain weight and followed by many health problems. There are many ways to shrink the extra pounds like from fad diets to pills but do you think there are worth to try for weight loss? Many nutritionists and dieticians ...

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