How to Use Sparkling Water As a Beauty Treatment

Women in Japan are those that have created this method of beautifying the skin by washing the face with mineral water twice a week. The mineral water is water containing dissolved mineral or other substance that changes its taste or confer a therapeutic amount, which is generally obtained from a mineral source, or a natural mineral spring. Substances dissolved in water may include various salts and sulfur compounds.Show More

The effervescent technique, which was first popularized by women in Japan and Korea, is said to come with several benefits, including firming and tightening up the skin, removing dead skin cells, and purifying the pores. Aside from doing away with dirt and grime, the bubbles in the beverage are known to deliver oxygen to the skin’s barrier, which can tone down puffy areas for a smoother, more supple look. Women in Japan have a higher average life. And more than that, Japanese women do not show their age and always seem to maintain young, beautiful and enviable complexion.

Here’s how to apply your treatment with mineral water on face:

After you have cleaned your face with tap water, rinse your skin well with carbonated mineral water. Even if you give a feeling of tightening of the skin, mineral water bubbles will act as peeling, pores are clean and the water will give your cells the oxygen they need so much. The end result will give you smooth skin, firm and also smooth. It is important to not abuse this treatment and do not put into practice every day. If you do irritates your skin badly. Experts say dermatologists is advisable to clean your skin with mineral water no more than twice during a week. All you have to do is a floppy cotton soaked well in mineral water and use it to clean your face. Another trick of life is the Japanese women eating well chosen. Breakfast is the most important meal for them. For a glowing breakfast can consume green tea, rice, soup with tofu and green onions, scrambled eggs and fish. All these foods are meant to energize your skin but also the body.

How to Use Sparkling Water As a Beauty Treatment

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