How to make curls with aluminum foil

Many of us wish we wavy hair without damage the device and keep it as healthy. It happens to us but we want to wavy hair and have curls. Here there is a solution for this.

For times when you want to be beautiful in a short time, all you have is to do that after washing the hair, and put the hair on tinfoil with about 8-10 cm in length and width depending on how you want to be big loops. Separate each strand of hair and rotates around the aluminum foil.  If you can sleep overnight with these in the hair is very good, because the hair you will stand curly day, and if you hurry, you can dry your hair with a hairdryer, and previously to figure hair spray protective. Show More

Leave the hair  to dry completely. Finally, you can undo all your hair and apply hair wax and hairspray for resistance, if your hair is longer. So you can get perfect curls without using plate.

Be careful with heating the foils by your neck. I know, I know, this seems like a no-brainer, but I was in a hurry and forgot. Let me just say that super hot doesn’t even begin to describe the foil touching my neck.

It does not matter which direction you loop your strands of hair or how you fold the foil. I was not consistent in wrapping the loop or folding the foil and still got great curls.

If you don’t like lots of curls, make loops with bigger sections of your hair.

I do think that reaching for the curling iron is a lot easier and less time-consuming for me, but, again, this was definitely something fun to try.

How to make curls with aluminum foil

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