Eggplant remedy that relieves arthritis

With age, many people begin to have problems with arthritis and pain in the joints. Many people turn to creams and drugs, but the effects are only short term. An old natural remedy promises not only eliminate pain and arthritis, but heal and disease. What is great about this remedy is that you can treat the disease both inside and outside. Eggplant water stimulates blood circulation, thus preventing atherosclerotic plaque buildup on artery walls and strengthening them.Show More

Eggplants are very high in magnesium. Magnesium has loads of health benefits. One of the main benefits is its ability to decrease inflammation in the joints.  Arthritis being a severe and chronic inflammation of joints can be managed to a significant degree simply by eating more eggplants.

At first glance eggplants might be one of the strangest vegetables you have ever laid eyes on. These beautiful veggies may be exactly what you need to turn back time and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

To prepare the remedy for internal use, all you have to do is grab a coveted medium, to wash well, to cut it into pieces, then put it to boil in a pot with a liter of water title. Let cool to room temperature cure. Strain and put 750 ml in the refrigerator and the remaining 250 ml apply it as external use. Consume each day preparation for 20 days to get rid of arthritis.

To prepare the remedy for external use, you need the same ingredients (an eggplant medium in size and 1 liter of water), which add to 50 ml of olive oil. Mix 250 ml whom you kept the first remedy with olive oil, then put the mixture obtained in a jar in the refrigerator. To use: consume 250 ml of the mixture on an empty stomach, 250 ml to  lunch and 250 ml to dinner. Follow this treatment every month for seven days in a row. The beneficial effects of water eggplants not be unpredictable.

Eggplant remedy that relieves arthritis

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